Make learning easy and accessible

E-coaching iOS App Design
JAN 2015 – APR 2015


Building a new app from the ground up


It now delivers value to the client by solving a problem for them. The MVP was launched to bring users to the app


It was instrumental in breaking down barriers to sales at a strategically important startup.


Mentorum Solutions specializes in adaptive e-coaching and training solutions. Among 77 participants, they were selected in 2013 and awarded $1.3 million by the Canada Media Fund to develop, enhance and market this innovative adaptive platform. Four different teams were led by Mentorum Solutions to complete this particular project.

Our firm and Mentorum Solutions developed a new, innovative tool to make learning simple and accessible. It's the latest addition to Mentorum Solutions' extensive product line.


  • On June 1st, 2015, the App (Adapt2me) was launched
  • Learning Management Systems, online tutorials, and mobility solutions provide a competitive advantage
  • Setting the tone for future projects with a 2015 pilot project

My Role

UX/UI Designer

Tool & Skills

UX research and analysis
UI design
Design system
Design documentation

Team member

Product Manager
QA tester


The Goal

  • Increasing mobility within the education
  • Tools for building a skill box. P.S. The application is primarily aimed at public sector workers
  • Ensure that mobile learning is accessible

The Challenge

Is it possible to improve access to information, specific, targeted learning based on student's abilities, and provide education on the go, wherever they are?



UX Concept Map


Main ideas

Main Screen



Creating the right design

Mobilogie understood perfectly the R&D dimension of the project right from the get-go. They managed and accommodated the project’s weekly changes well. The adaptability of the team and the project manager’s patience played huge roles in ensuring the successful outcome for the project.”

— Jean-Marc Vincent
Director, Strategic Solutions and Business Development, Mentorum Solutions

right design

The Learning Process


In addition to learning activities and dialogue exercises, Adapt2me offers a variety of other features. It helps the learner develop specific skills to learn faster. The user progresses through three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. To move, the user must complete all the activities from the previous story.




Reading several pages to grasp the essential information in each task is unnecessary, as it includes instructions on answering the following questions and a brief overview of grammar rules. The activities involve categorizing words, conjugating nouns and verbs, completing sentences, comprehending the link between words, and learning vocabulary.



The discussion activities include a script and a video to help learners improve their reading and speaking skills. Learners can also communicate with their coach regularly or use the app's online appointment feature to make an appointment. They won't always be stuck with a difficult question and no one to assist them. They will even be able to practice dialogues with a tutor to improve their grammar and fluency.

Style Guideline


Project manager’s overview