Recent Works


Data applications/SDK Component Marketplace

Integrated UX/UI design, followed up and validated with the PM and engineer to deliver an App Marketplace. Continue to iterate.


Crypto App Concept Design

ACME typically makes apps and experiences that help its users send money to friends. I designed a comprehensive UX/UI for Crypto Trading with a mobile app that helps make trading and transfer of cryptocurrency simple and easy to understand.


Legal Service Platform – MVP for Startup

I conducted the research and UI/UX design for the MVP while working with the CEO, CTO, and marketing team of a legal services platform.

admin portal-1600×900

Admin Portal Improvement

2019 -2020

Worked with developers and reported directly to the R&D director, I was in charge of leading and completing all of the MVP channels, which included Overview, Device/Device group management, Software package management, user management, and style guideline. As a result of the completion of this assignment, I received a promotion.


Stuff Manager Platform – Premium & Free user

2019 – 2020
I collaborated with the Product Manager and the Customer, I produced the first design of an alert Center for controlling thousands of digital screens across the United States.


Digital Signage Creative Studio Redesign

Case Study
Redefining and creating a powerful and intuitive online digital signage graphics editor that helps Small/Medium Business owners save time and budget on digital Billboard design.


Canvas Controller iOS App Design

Case Study
Based on documentation and research, I merged all of the app’s developed features, such as device provisioning, content discovery, device administration, and user profile creation, into a single app.


IoT Alert Center Design

Collaborated with the Product Manager and the Customer, I produced the first version of an alert Center for controlling thousands of digital screens across the United States.


Hexlock Android App Improvement

Case Study
As a product designer for Hexlock, I assisted the team in expanding the brand and improving the user experience, resulting in a 5,000,000 downloads MAUs and retention rate. Improved app ads resulted in a 30% increase in click-through rates. Further, the Hexlock was chosen as the Google Editor’s Choice.


Thermostat UI Production

As a design consultant, I worked with a Schneider design team to complete all user interface production according to Schneider’s wireframes and major user interfaces. I learned how to design a thermostat in every detail.


iSpeaky iOS App Design

Case Study
Worked with developers, product manager, and startup R&D, we delivered the language training iOS app with over 100 screens in 3 months.

marketing – 800×600

Marketing Graphic Design

I collaborated with the marketing team to create the “How We Work” poster.

viva brazil -800×600

Viva Brazil Slot Machine App Design

I worked with a Vancouver-based brand team to create the user interface for a tablet slot machine game as a design consultant in one week.

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